Indian Country Today to open job bank for new hires

Indian Country Today will soon hire a number of journalists across the country. We are creating a resume’ job bank to prepare so that we will be ready to hire a number of editors and producers in Washington and Phoenix.

“We are looking for journalists who have multimedia backgrounds and can produce content for our daily and weekly newscasts as well as our primary mobile platform,” said Patty Talahongva, Indian Country Today’s executive producer. “We are especially looking for people with a multimedia background; that could include writing, photography, graphics, database reporting, or audio-visual production.”

Candidates should be familiar with Indian Country Today’s Mission and Style Book. This would include a solid background reporting national American Indian and Alaska Native issues, history, policy, and federal Indian law.

Future hires will include:

National correspondents
Multimedia ENG editor
News anchor
Managing editor, digital

We will be looking to hire five categories of journalists.

Reporter-Producers will produce journalism content on a daily or near-daily basis. National Correspondents are senior positions and candidates must be able to write and produce major packages independently. These positions may be based in Washington, Phoenix, or in another location and operating an independent bureau.

The multimedia ENG editor will edit the daily newscast as well as the Indian Country Today television program for PBS stations.

The managing editor, digital will focus on content for the platform and work closely with the executive producer.

Interested candidates should send a resume and a sample of their work to the leadership team at Indian Country Today. Email only:

Reporters / producers; National correspondents

We will hire several reporters/producers to contribute to the digital news site, Indian Country Today, and video programming. This position will work directly with the editors and producers to write stories, produce video content, and crafting headlines. Ideal candidates will have a solid news sense.

  • Pitch, report, write or edit news stories for Indian Country Today.
  • Be familiar with social media and ready to engage our readership in a variety of digital platforms.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned.

Qualifications and requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.
  • We prefer at least two years of professional experience working in news writing, but the right candidate could be hired at an entry-level position.
  • Solid writing, editing, and fact-checking skills; journalistic and ethical judgment; attention to detail and care for factual accuracy.
  • Solid background in American Indian and Alaska Native issues, history, policy, and culture.

Candidates who would excel in this position:

  • Be curious.
  • Follow the news closely.
  • Pitch great stories and complete the work on deadline.
  • Excel when working with a team.

This position is not for candidates who:

  • Struggle to manage their own time, stay organized, or remain focused on one thing at a time.
  • Need an editor to feed them ideas.
  • Are unsure if journalism is the right career.
  • Gloss over details or glaze over when processing a litany of facts.

National correspondents, in addition to the qualifications below, should have significant experience communicating to a global audience. This includes being a self-starter and generating story ideas, executing those stories, being able to tell stories in a variety of formats, written and broadcast.

The multimedia ENG editor

Indian Country Today is developing daily and weekly newscasts. The multimedia editor will work closely with a small team, helping shoot video, record audio, and edit our video programs. This includes a series being developed for public broadcasting as well as daily feeds from a variety of platforms including The Maven and IGTV.

Job Description

This position requires the ability to collaborate with the video producers and autonomously work on video content so that it is delivered in a timely manner. The video editor should have an extensive understanding of Indian Country’s issues and people.


  • Responsible for video editing and assisting in productions
  • Maintain a steady flow of high quality content for web and social
  • Update The Maven, IGTV and other content platforms
  • Brainstorm and develop new and innovative ideas with the team, elevating the aesthetic quality


  • Must be open to new ideas and enjoy working with a creative team.
  • At least one year of experience.
  • Proficiency in digital media software tools (Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects)
  • Ability to problem solve, troubleshoot, and stay calm under pressure.
  • Must be familiar with social media tools (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.)
  • Independent, detail-oriented, with a creative approach to video editing
  • A team-player with the ability to work independently and multi-task under tight schedules
  • Experience with lighting and shooting on iPhones, Pixel, DSLRs and other HD cameras

This position is based in Phoenix.

News anchor

The primary responsibility is to present a lively innovative video report to Indian Country. There will be a daily short feed, 3 to 5 minutes, and a weekly in-depth program. The news desk anchor will be the primary “voice” of Indian Country Today.

The news desk anchor is expected to be up to date on current Native American news as well as a strong understanding of history, public policy, and pop culture. The news desk anchor will promote the show, conduct interviews, engage with producers, write stories, and perhaps a column for the digital publication.

On occasion, such as on election night, the show will be produced live.


  • Significant experience as an on-air host, anchor, or reporter for a television program.
  • Excellent communicator. Outstanding oral and written skills.
  • Comfortable working with talent, artists and high-profile individuals.
  • Strong on-air presence and voice as well as ability to project a professional image.
  • Good public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to interact and work with staff at all levels.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
  • Must be available for travel.

This position is based in Phoenix.

Managing editor, digital.

Indian Country Today will soon hire a managing editor, digital.

We are looking for hands on executive producer who will develop and manage the content for the Indian Country Today platform. This includes making sure the report reflects Indian Country Today’s Mission and Style Book.

The ideal candidate will set high standards for the journalism integrity of Indian Country Today. 

This will be an enterprise that values innovation. Because this broadcast will be the first ever, we’re not wedded to a traditional newscast but one that builds on new technology and Indian Country’s remarkable talent pool.

We are looking for a leader who knows how to coach, teach, and learn from the journalists they will work with (both on the broadcast side and the digital news side of the operation).

  • Manage talented journalists. We will have a mix of people who are starting their careers along with those who already have significant experience.
  • Work alongside the editor to execute a successful strategy.
  • Work collaboratively with the digital news operation.
  • Set the tone for a people-focused, capacity building news team.

.Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee and generate news coverage and story ideas. Producing a daily news report for digital as well as the weekly news program. The managing editor will also coordinate video shorts for the digital platform, much of it from freelance producers.
  • Coach excellent storytelling.
  • Hold show reviews and critiques.
  • Manage partnerships with Arizona PBS, FNX, and Vision Maker Media and other public media to support Indian Country Today.
  • Collaborate with managing editor, digital, to oversee specific coverage in Indian Country Today.
  • Coach and develop producers, anchors and reporters.


  • Proven ability to lead and execute strong breaking news coverage.
  • Superior writing and copy-editing skills.
  • A people-focused manager.
  • Strong written and verbal communicator.

This position will be located in Phoenix.

Every hire should be ready and willing to represent the brand and the integrity of Indian Country Today.


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