2020 NAJA National Native Media Awards Judging Instructions

BetterBNC Judging Instructions:

1. Go to www.betterbnc.com.

2. Click “Judge’s Login” in the upper left corner of the page.

3. From the Contests drop-down list, select “2020 National Native Media Awards.”

4. Enter your email address.

5. In the password box, enter the password given to you by your contest administrator (if you’re unsure, contact your contest administrator).

6. Click Login. If you wish to change your password, mouse over Judging (top left), click My Account, click Change Password, and complete the required fields.

7. During your first login, click the Judging Instructions button to read the judging guidelines.

8. To view your assigned competitions, go back to your judging homepage. Your assignments will be under the “My Assignments” section.

9. To view the entries within a competition, click on the competition name, then click on an entry’s content thumbnail image(s) (attachment or website URL) to view each of them for review. In the case of a hardcopy or mailed entry, review the physical content item(s) associated with the entry.

10. Once you have reviewed all parts of an entry (e.g. all related attachments, website URLs, comments, captions, etc.), you can give the entry a preliminary score from 0-10 in the “How would you rate this entry?” scoring bar near the top of the page, which will help you narrow your selections when you are ready to choose winners.

11. If you wish, you can add confidential entry comments (viewable only to yourself) in the Private Note box in the lower right side of the entry page.

12. When you have completed all review steps, click “Done Reviewing This Entry” at the bottom right of the page. This will help you keep track of which entries you have already reviewed for the competition you are currently evaluating.

13. Because the Reviewed Entries are automatically sorted by their preliminary scores (highest to lowest), you can simply view the first few entries (highest scores) in the Reviewed Entries box when you are ready to select your winners.

14. Once you determine which entries you want to award first / second / third places, simply drag and drop the thumbnail images for those entries into the corresponding Winners boxes at the bottom of the page, clicking OK to confirm each selection.

15. You can add brief comments for each of the winning entries in the Comments boxes directly below each winning entry’s thumbnail image.

16. You may also comment on the overall competition in the Competition Comments field, to the right of the winning entry boxes.

17. Once you have completed the judging process for a competition (based on your contest’s rules and guidelines), click “Finalize Judgment” to save your decisions.

18. Repeat these steps for each of your assigned competitions. 

Download the 2020 NAJA National Native Media Awards Judging Instructions

Volunteer Judging

Entrants may reduce their entry fees by volunteering to judge another category / division. For each category judged, entrants may be forgiven one entry fee. Volunteers may judge up to four categories and may not judge a category in which they are competing. Any known conflicts of interest and preferences for categories should be submitted using the judge’s sign-up form below.

For questions about volunteer judging, contact NAJA Program Manager Sterling Cosper at scosper@naja.com.


To submit a technical support request anytime throughout the awards process, click the “Help & Support” link at the top left of the main webpage at https://betternewspapercontest.com/ then select the “Start Trouble Ticket” at the top of the next page. 

Entrants and judges may also contact BetterBNC technical support by phone at 360-427-6300 Monday through Friday from 8 am – 5 pm PT.