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Seattle Times (Seattle, Washington)

Posted 8 months ago

The Seattle Times, a family-owned, Pulitzer Prize-winning news organization, is looking for a talented Political Editor to help us expand and improve our political coverage. The ideal candidate will be a focused, aggressive and highly organized editor who will lead a group of driven journalists as they focus on local, state and national politics.

We’re looking for someone who doesn’t shy away from a challenge, is committed to holding those in power accountable and is constantly looking for ways to turn a political story into a compelling read. We want someone who can steer their team to put readers in the back rooms where deals are struck, to provide authoritative analysis and produce vivid profiles of the people with their fingers on the levers of power.

Candidates must be adept at guiding a team of reporters in covering all facets of politics and elections. He/she must be able to plan and execute coverage of primary and general elections with dozens of candidates for state, regional and local elections. If there’s an interesting story on a race for dog catcher, we want it. In short, we’re looking for a political editor who can take our already exceptional political coverage to the next level during the walkup to the pivotal 2020 elections.


  • Produce breaking news and enterprise coverage of politics and government.
  • Help motivate reporters to elevate their work to produce coverage readers cannot find anywhere else.
  • Think outside the box to find ways to tell stories in unique and novel ways.
  • Be a political watchdog.
  • Work collaboratively with digital, visual and news-apps developer teams.
  • Communicate with other departments, taking full advantage of photos, video, graphics, illustrations and databases, recognizing that many readers prefer to consume information visually instead of through text.
  • Ensure the Times is thinking about local news coverage with a digital-first mindset.
  • Push staffers to keep their digital skills up-to-date, provide the necessary training, and lead by example in this regard.
  • Help monitor, promote, and assert diverse hiring throughout the newsroom by guiding recruitment efforts.


  • Experience: At least three years’ experience as a political editor or reporter with a daily news organization, with a strong understanding of covering municipal government, statehouses, congressional delegations and local and national elections.
  • Education: Undergraduate degree (or combination of related professional work experience).
  • Strong understanding and desire to cover the influence of money in politics at local, state and national politics, including the impact of ‘dark money.’
  • Proven ability to generate investigative and enterprise stories that drive change and lift the veil for readers on the inner workings of their elected officials and government agencies.
  • Track record of spotting political trends and holding the powerful accountable.
  • Adept at generating daily stories for print and the web that reflect breaking political news.
  • Strong organization skills and an ability to pull together reporters from across the newsroom to cover state, local and national elections.
  • Capability to work across various departments, including photo, graphics and the web to ensure strong political coverage.
  • Able to work under tight deadlines, balance several stories at once and accurately communicate political coverage priorities.
  • Must be relentless about ensuring accuracy, honesty and fairness, and have knowledge of libel laws. 
  • Exceptional social media skills, including the ability to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other emerging social networks.
  • Work collegially across the newsroom to help The Seattle Times achieve its goals.

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