Red Press Initiative

The Red Press Initiative will study and report on the perception of press freedom in Indian Country by surveying managers, producers and consumers of tribal media.

This groundbreaking initiative has been generously funded by the Ford Foundation, and has been joined by other press freedom advocates including the Committee to Protect Journalists, Reporters Without Borders, the Democracy Fund, the Indigenous Media Freedom Alliance, and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

NAJA believes that the accurate and contextual reporting about Indigenous people and communities is necessary to overcome the biases and stereotypes commonly portrayed in popular media. Robust and diligent tribal media operations must be at the heart of the effort to curb these practices.

The Red Press Initiative will research and gather feedback on the vitality of press freedom in Indian Country. The reported findings will provide the basis for the development of trainings, materials, and an educational outreach campaign to enhance and expand press freedom across Indian Country.

The project will be conducted in four phases:

Phase I: Recruit advisory committee members. Develop data gathering tools and other research methodologies to achieve designated outcomes. Develop an outreach campaign to reach target respondents to include tribal media employees, tribal officials and citizen audience. [Completed October 2018]

Phase II: Implement research and outreach strategy. Conduct data gathering. [Completed August 2019]

Phase III: Analyze data and develop conclusions. Develop a report with narrative, data, and graphics to reveal findings, state conclusions, and propose recommendations. Report will include narrative and photographic storytelling.

Phase IV: Develop print and digital educational materials based on the report. Develop an outreach and marketing campaign to disseminate report, online content and educational materials. Assemble a standing Free Press Task Force that will deployed into both tribal settings for free press and technical trainings, and into mainstream news settings for coverage equity and bias awareness trainings.

Please contact project coordinator Bryan Pollard at if you’re interested in joining this important initiative.

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