College Chapter Handbook

Become an important part of NAJA by forming a student chapter!


NAJA College Chapter Handbook

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Start a student chapter today using this checklist:

  1. Create a chapter membership roster that lists each member’s school classification, major and graduation date.
  2. Include a portait, bio (including school information), email and social media information for all officers. This information may be used by NAJA to list as resources for other students in the area.
  3. Create a list of school media information (newspaper, social media, web sites, radio and TV stations, etc.).
  4. Draft a nomination letter from the student chapter advisor, who must be a full-time journalism professor and a NAJA member at a sustaining institutional membership university.
  5. Draft an outline of student chapter bylaws. NAJA will provide a by-law template.
  6. Provide candidates for the chapter’s officers: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Each must be a current NAJA student member in good standing. NAJA recommends a minimum of four students to start a student chapter.
  7. Create an outline of three Native journalism initiatives (programs, membership drives, fundraisers, community service projects, etc.) for the school year. These initiatives are led by the chapter and initiative goals must be submitted to NAJA for approval. NAJA strongly encourages a fundraiser/s that supports sending student members to the annual conference and/or to support the Native American Journalism Fellowship for college students. NAJA is happy to support, review and discuss the developments of these initiatives.