NextGenRadio: Indigenous

NextGenRadio: Indigenous – March 2021 cohort coverage, November 2021 cohort coverage

NAJA-NPR NextGenRadio: Indigenous virtual training co-hosted with KOSU in Oklahoma City held Nov. 1-6, next project set for March 2022

The Native American Journalists Association and NPR’s Next Generation Radio Project hosted the second NextGenRadio: Indigenous, a 5-day digital-first workshop centering Indigenous stories and storytellers Nov. 1-6.

The next project is set for March 2022 with details TBA.

This project is open to early-career professionals in tribal and mainstream newsrooms, and is designed to enhance coverage of Indigenous affairs with Indigenous voices. It is open to Indigenous journalists with less than five years professional experience working in media, journalism, written and audio storytelling in addition to graphic design, illustration or data.

Selected project participants will find and produce their own multimedia story, and will be paired 1:1 with an experienced coach and mentor throughout the workshop. Fellows will produce a 3:30- to 4-minute, non-narrated audio story, write a 500-600 word story about their subject and create other digital assets.

There is no cost and selected participants will receive a $500 stipend for their time and work. 

November 2021
Project Staff

  • Managing / Digital Editors – Jourdan Bennett-Begaye (Díne), Traci Tong and Adreanna Rodriguez
  • Audio Tech – Selena Seay-Reynolds
  • Visuals – Erica Lee
  • Digital Editors – Lita Beck, Joanne Griffith-Poplar
  • Illustrators – Ard Su, EeJoon Choi and Emily Whang


  • Christine Trudeau (Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation), Contributing Editor, High Country News, Indigenous Affairs Desk
  • Cristela Guerra, Arts and Culture Reporter, WBUR, Boston, MA
  • Sam Yellowhorse Kesler (Navajo), Codeswitch Fellow, NPR, Philadelphia, PA
  • Taylar Stagner (Shoshone and Arapaho), Tribal Affairs Reporter, Yellowstone Public Radio (Next Gen Alumna)
  • Seth Bodine, Agriculture & Rural Issues Reporter, KOSU, Oklahoma City, OK

NPR’s Next Generation Radio program is directed by its founder, Doug Mitchell.

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