End Racist Mascots Coalition

The Native American Journalists Association has long held the stance that mascots and team names derived from Native Mascot_substitutepeoples are inherently racist. These images, names and logos reinforce stereotypes of Native Americans, which then act as a replacement for the accurate and authentic portrayal of Native people and communities. This replacement “disappears” contemporary Native Americans in the broader fabric of society, making it more difficult to address the real issues confronting Indian Country.

In June, NAJA launched the #EndRacistMascots Coalition to form an advocacy group in support of the ethical treatment of these racist nicknames and logos consistent with other racist content. We encourage our colleagues in media to join the coalition and help spread the #EndRacistMascots campaign.

Learn more about the coalition and view sample campaign messages here.

NAJA demands that all media outlets treat these images, names and logos in the same manner as other racist terms. We encourage our colleagues in mainstream media to refer to the SPJ Code of Ethics, the AP Stylebook and this NAJA opinion for guidance when presented with an editorial choice to represent Native mascots to their audiences.

For further guidance, please refer to the Reading Red Reports published by NAJA in 2003 and 2007, as well as select research listed below.


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Download here
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Download here
Reading Red Report 2003.
Prepared by Kara Briggs, former NAJA president, and Dan Lewerenz, NAJA board member.

Download here
Reading Red Report 2007.
Written by Cristina L. Azocar, Director, Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism, San Francisco State University.

Download here
The American Psychological Association Resolution Recommending the Immediate Retirement of American Indian Mascots.

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Colorado Governor's Commission to Study American Indian Representations in Public Schools.

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Members of Congress Urge Snyder and the NFL to Change the Washington Team's Name.

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